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Angel Food Ice Cream Cake December 13, 2009 No Comments

1 Angel food cake (8 inches) 1/2 Gl Vanilla ice cream, -slightly softened 2 qt Fresh strawberries Sugar -=OR=- Sugar substitute to taste Cut the cake in half; tear one half into small pieces and set aside. Cut the other half into 12-14 thin slices; arrange in the bottom of a wax paper lined 13″ […]

Date Chewsticks No Comments

Ingredients3eacheggs 1teaspoonvanilla 1teaspoonbaking powder 1cupsugar 1cupdates 1cupflour Directions:Beat eggs and sugar, add baking powder, vanilla, and flour. Add the dates last and mix thoroughly. Batter will be thick. Pour into a greased 8×8 pan and bake at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes. When cooled sprinkle icing sugar over the top and rub in until […]

Chunky Date, Coconut and Almond Granola No Comments

2 cup(s) Old-fashioned oats 3/4 cup(s) Whole almonds; halved 1/2 cup(s) Sweetened flaked coconut 1/2 cup(s) Raw cashews 1/3 cup(s) Firmly packed brown sugar 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) Ground allspice 1 teaspoon(s) Ground cinnamon 1/4 cup(s) Unsalted butter 2 tablespoon(s) Honey 1 cup(s) Packed pitted dates — each cut crosswise — into thirds Preheat oven to […]

Chocolate Snack Blocks No Comments

3 Envelopes Unflavored Gelatin 3/4 cup(s) Cold Water 1 cup(s) Boiling Water 1/3 cup(s) Granulated Sugar 2 cup(s) (12 Ounces) Semi-Sweet -Chocolate Mini Chips Yield: About 6 Dozen Squares If you kids like the fruit gelatin snacks, they’ll love these chocolate snacks. In a blender, sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water and let stand […]

Chocolate Punch No Comments

4 1-oz sq semisweet chocolate 1/2 cup(s) Sugar 2 cup(s) Hot water 2 qt Milk 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) Vanilla extract 1 qt Vanilla ice cream 1 qt Club soda 1/2 pint(s) Heavy cream; whipped Ground cinnamon Recipe by: Spoonbread & Strawberry Wine – ISBN 0-385-47270-6 In a large saucepan combine the chocolate and sugar with […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip No Comments

3 ounce(s) Pkg cream cheese, softened 1/3 cup(s) Creamy peanut butter 1 ds Ground cinnamon 1/4 cup(s) Chocolate syrup 2 tablespoon(s) Milk Assorted cut-up fruit Assorted cookies Pretzels From: Sesame Street Mag. Parents Guide This one is so easy to make! Your kids will be able to fix and dip into it within 5 minutes […]

Chicken Pox Pancakes No Comments

Strawberries Pancake mix Bananas Powdered sugar ——–TOOLS——– Knife Cutting board Mixing bowl large Flat skillet Spatula Plates With an adult’s help, chop the berries into small chunks, allowing one or two per pancake face. Set aside. With an adult’s help, prepare the pancake mix according to package directions. When the pancakes are done, place each […]

Cheerio Bars No Comments

1/2 cup(s) Peanut butter 1/2 cup(s) Sugar 1/2 cup(s) Honey 3 cup(s) Cheerios Salted peanuts Bring sugar and honey to a boil in 2 qt saucepan. Remove from heat,stir in peanut butter until blended. Pour in cheerios and mix until well coated. Spread in buttered 9 x 13 pan and let cool. cut in squares. […]

Cat Litter Casserole No Comments

Ingredients  —DUMPS— 1cupbisquick 1cupshredded cheddar cheese 1poundbeef, turkey, or pork, ground 1Sausage   —LITTER— 2cuprice, long grain 3 3/4cupwater 2teaspoonsalt 2tablespoonButter, or margarine Directions:To make dumps: Preheat the oven to 350F. Mix together the dump ingredients in a large bowl. Mold pieces of this mixture into various size/shape dumps.Place so they don’t touch each other in an […]

Bubble Solution No Comments

1/3 cup(s) Dish soap or baby shampoo 1 1/4 cup(s) Water 2 teaspoon(s) Sugar 1 Food coloring Servings: 1 Combine ingredients and pour into an unbreakable bottle. To blow bubbles, experiment using plastic straws, pipe cleaners formed into loops, strawberry baskets from grocery store, spoons with holes in them and other items you think of.